How to create a light box

So I needed ((wanted)) a light box to take some product photography. Holding up a piece of Arches paper with one hand, a camera in the other, and making sure the afternoon sun was just right took its toll on me. [Okay, I’m exaggerating… I don’t get good afternoon sun in my new studio.] So, the idea of a light box was born. I googled how to make one and found a tutorial that I really liked at {Never} Homemaker.

I love do it yourself projects and really enjoy accomplishing them. I thought about documenting the process of making this light box, and sharing it with you (like most DIY projects I do), but here’s the thing… If when doing a project, anything slows me down, that’s a {very} bad thing. Slowing down = losing momentum… aka, losing interest. ((I’m working on finishing projects that I start… that’s a new goal of mine.)) So, when the DIY iron strikes, I’ve gotta get to work. The next best thing I can offer you is an awkward photo that my husband took of my excitement when I turned on all of the lights (I know – I look somewhat constipated – but it’s excitement I promise) – AND – share the link to the amazing light box tutorial.

Let there be light!


I found that building the light box was more expensive than the tutorial mentioned… though that probably has something to do with the fact it was posted five years ago. None the less the light box turned out great and so have the product images that I shot using it.

Thanks again for the wonderful tutorial Ashley!!

Love was in the air…

This past weekend ((as you know)) I was at Rifle Paper Co. Thursday through Saturday, I was busy calligraphing love letters, favorite quotes, scripture and much more. I always enjoy my time with the wonderful people who pass through the doors as well as the rockin’ employees! Basically, it’s a great time had by all…

Valentine’s Day at Rifle Paper Co.

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and everything is smothered in all shades of pink. It’s also that time of year when I’ll be at Rifle Paper Co. calligraphing love letters! If you will be in the Orlando area, you are cordially invited to stop by Rifle, browse their amazing sales and gorgeous bouquets! Also, make sure to stop by so I can see your beautiful face and calligraph a little love letter to yours truly!



The Sparkling Wine Walk

If you’re looking for some laid back fun before the craziness of the Valentine weekend begins… I have a SUPER FUN solution: The Sparkling Wine Walk in Winter Park!

Tomorrow I will be at Rifle Paper Co. calligraphing love letters to your favorite love(s)! If you’ll be in the area, stop by for some really great sales on Rifle products and {free} – beautiful – calligraphy! :)

I hope to see you there!



New Year Reflections

Happy 2015!

No doubt you’ve already entertained the idea of a New Year resolution… Personally, I always go back and forth between making a New Year resolution and ignoring the idea all together. The challenge for me is that if I think of a resolution, I’ll more than likely forget about it by the end of the month. Then, I’ll remember again in August and get annoyed at myself for #1 making a resolution if I was going to #2 forget about it like usual. Thankfully, I remembered an old file on my computer that I’ve had for yeeears and years. This document is a list of 26 questions that guides you in reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new year.

I found some of these questions online (I don’t remember where because it’s been sooo long) and I’ve added some questions of my own that I like to reflect on. You can answer them all or just a few, take some out or add some of your own as well. Shape it to be exactly what you want. Talk them through with a friend or spouse or journal them on your own. (Daniel and I are going to be answering five questions a day until we work through them all.)

For me, I enjoy making time for reflection. I like considering where I’ve found joys, successes, challenges and even disappointments. I think that when I look back and process my life in a healthy way, I’m bound to learn and grow.

So, no matter what 2014 was like, if we make time to consider where we’ve been – and where we want to go –  that can make for a very Happy 2015!

New Year Reflections




Thankful to have some time to do some lettering for our home.

Truly thankful for family, near and far – friends, new and old – a home to decorate – laughing as I hear my husband rap in the other room – Indian corn passed down from my grandma – forgiveness – health – The Elf movie that I already watched – the birds in our backyard – learning a new town – thankful for love – thankful that God first loved me.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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