Love was in the air…

This past weekend ((as you know)) I was at Rifle Paper Co. Thursday through Saturday, I was busy calligraphing love letters, favorite quotes, scripture and much more. I always enjoy my time with the wonderful people who pass through the doors as well as the rockin’ employees! Basically, it’s a great time had by all…


Valentine’s Day at Rifle Paper Co.

It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and everything is smothered in all shades of pink. It’s also that time of year when I’ll be at Rifle Paper Co. calligraphing love letters! If you will be in the Orlando area, you are cordially invited to stop by Rifle, browse their amazing sales and gorgeous bouquets! Also, make sure to stop by so I can see your beautiful face and calligraph a little love letter to yours truly!



The Sparkling Wine Walk

If you’re looking for some laid back fun before the craziness of the Valentine weekend begins… I have a SUPER FUN solution: The Sparkling Wine Walk in Winter Park!

Tomorrow I will be at Rifle Paper Co. calligraphing love letters to your favorite love(s)! If you’ll be in the area, stop by for some really great sales on Rifle products and {free} – beautiful – calligraphy! 🙂

I hope to see you there!



A few deep breaths before I begin…



I love having the opportunity to work with wonderful people. I mean really wonderful… like, Kristy and Luis wonderful.

Kristy wanted me to create a piece of custom art that she was going to surprise her husband with for their first wedding anniversary. {I mean, how sweet!} Kristy wanted me to create two pieces of art, one with each of their vows to hang on either side of their bed. She also mentioned that they both love trees.

It just so happens that I love the concept of trees too, especially relating to marriage. A tree digs its roots down and grows from a place of deep security. A tree’s branches stretch out from a place of centeredness (its trunk… just incase I lost you). Trees also weather storms and change with the seasons… growing and becoming more beautiful as they shed their leaves and bloom once again.

I decided to paint a tree on one piece of paper and then tear the paper into two so that each of their vows would share parts of the same tree. In marriage, I think that being able to grow and bloom along with your spouse is a beautiful thing. I also chose to paint the leaves in various shades of green, and brown, to signify the ever-changing seasons that we find ourselves in.

Kristy, I LOVED working with you on these very special pieces of art. Thanks for the opportunity! You were a breath of fresh air.


Material: Watercolor, gouache and acrylic

Original size: 14 inches  x 22 inches

Paper: Arches watercolor, hot press – off white

Every once in a while…

I become obsessed with a color scheme. Thank you for this little treat A Day In May!!!


A favorite part of my job…

..mixing color {gouache}. These three colors left me speechless. ((love them – and combined… so beautiful: periwinkle, aqua and white)) Colors never cease to take my breath away. God makes amazing things.