Me and my groom, Daniel. 

Nicknames: Mira, Sam, Samooly, Smearie, Mimi
Residence: I currently reside in Florida. However, the ‘forward mail to’ addresses have included Indiana, Colorado, Texas and Oregon.
Favorite Part of Life: Sharing and expressing my life, and heart, with those around me.
A Little Secret: I’m pretty competitive. I try and keep a lid on that for everyone’s sake.
Favorite Beverage: Ooooh, a tie between turkish coffee and an ice cold coke. Though I know I should probably say that my favorite beverage is water, it’s healthier.
Guilty Pleasure: I shamefully admit, drinking coke and eating McDonald’s fries… which is quickly followed by a deep sense of regret.
A Little Quirk: I think that toilet paper should roll off the top side of the roll – this should be national a bathroom rule.
Favorite Food: Lebanese food, hands down.
Interesting Fact: I cut off a piece of my finger while creating a sign for a photo shoot. Good times – no, not really.
Favorite Travel: Mombasa, Kenya
Favorite quote: ”No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite Nib: R. Esterbrook & Co. 556
Favorite part about my job: Watching my clients appreciate the beauty in my work is humbling, motivating and fulfilling.
Influences: Colors, shapes, textures – basically, God inspires me through nature. I find that there is inspiration waiting for me everywhere I look, if I look for it.
Wish List: A movie theater popcorn popper

Photo: Shannon Nicole Smith




2 Comments on “About”

  1. LFFL says:

    I like your ‘favorite part of life’ and ‘a little quirk’. There’s definitely no other way for the toilet paper to go!

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