New Year Reflections

Happy 2015!

No doubt you’ve already entertained the idea of a New Year resolution… Personally, I always go back and forth between making a New Year resolution and ignoring the idea all together. The challenge for me is that if I think of a resolution, I’ll more than likely forget about it by the end of the month. Then, I’ll remember again in August and get annoyed at myself for #1 making a resolution if I was going to #2 forget about it like usual. Thankfully, I remembered an old file on my computer that I’ve had for yeeears and years. This document is a list of 26 questions that guides you in reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to the new year.

I found some of these questions online (I don’t remember where because it’s been sooo long) and I’ve added some questions of my own that I like to reflect on. You can answer them all or just a few, take some out or add some of your own as well. Shape it to be exactly what you want. Talk them through with a friend or spouse or journal them on your own. (Daniel and I are going to be answering five questions a day until we work through them all.)

For me, I enjoy making time for reflection. I like considering where I’ve found joys, successes, challenges and even disappointments. I think that when I look back and process my life in a healthy way, I’m bound to learn and grow.

So, no matter what 2014 was like, if we make time to consider where we’ve been – and where we want to go –  that can make for a very Happy 2015!

New Year Reflections