A growing family

Two short weeks ago, we received a phone call that Amy, Daniel’s sister, wasn’t going to make it through the night.

This wasn’t the first time that we received a phone call like this one. In fact, it had been fourteen months since the first call where we dropped everything and drove through the night to South Carolina. Amy lived. Time passed. Liver transplant. Recovery. Dialysis. Now, she needs to get a kidney transplant.

This roller coaster season left the entire family depleted.

But this time, this phone call, this trip through the night to get to the hospital, this diagnosis, was different.

Amy passed away on Easter Sunday, leaving behind a ten-year old, bright-eyed {brighter personality} son.

As Amy’s passing wasn’t even absorbed yet, so also the reality that Daniel and I were about to become parents. The following weekend, after the funeral, the three of us drove home. With each passing mile, the reality of what had happened, and what was happening, sunk in deeper. Sadness and joy. Excitement and grief.

I think it’s cool how the Lord is giving us this time as we wait for the adoption process. Time for Bright-Eyes to start the grieving process and learn about what his new life looks like. Time for us to catch our breath, grieve, and figure out what being parents looks like. {I mean, what time does a 10 year old even go to bed?} And time for all of our hearts to be knit together, no longer as aunt, uncle and nephew, but as a mom, dad and son.

There are so many fascinating details, so many emotions, so much brokenness, so many points of intersection that fill the last few years… And yet a strong, shining strand of redemption unites each piece. I hope to share more details in the future, but for now I’ll just share this one…

For the past four years Daniel and I have been trying to start a family of our own. Nothing is wrong, we just can’t get pregnant. [For those of you who have walked a similar path, you know what a toll it can take. A journey like this can barely be summed up in one sentence.]

Though God, in His tender sovereignty, knew that Bright-Eyes needed us to not have kids for him to acclimate to his new life. No competition. All attention directed toward him. God also knew that we too needed this bright-eyed boy first. Not sure why, but we’re very grateful.

We are tired from the journey that lead us to this point. Though the joy and hope that we have in knowing that God’s timing and ways are flawless puts wind in our sails and lovingly pushes us on. We are truly thankful for this gift in our growing family.

So, here he is… our first son. And soon, it will be official.