Color blindness and Valspar

A friend of mine posted this on facebook, and I really enjoyed it. So, I thought I’d share it with you. I’m impressed that Valspar is making this possible… Very cool Valspar. Very cool.


How to create a light box

So I needed ((wanted)) a light box to take some product photography. Holding up a piece of Arches paper with one hand, a camera in the other, and making sure the afternoon sun was just right took its toll on me. [Okay, I’m exaggerating… I don’t get good afternoon sun in my new studio.] So, the idea of a light box was born. I googled how to make one and found a tutorial that I really liked at {Never} Homemaker.

I love do it yourself projects and really enjoy accomplishing them. I thought about documenting the process of making this light box, and sharing it with you (like most DIY projects I do), but here’s the thing… If when doing a project, anything slows me down, that’s a {very} bad thing. Slowing down = losing momentum… aka, losing interest. ((I’m working on finishing projects that I start… that’s a new goal of mine.)) So, when the DIY iron strikes, I’ve gotta get to work. The next best thing I can offer you is an awkward photo that my husband took of my excitement when I turned on all of the lights (I know – I look somewhat constipated – but it’s excitement I promise) – AND – share the link to the amazing light box tutorial.

Let there be light!


I found that building the light box was more expensive than the tutorial mentioned… though that probably has something to do with the fact it was posted five years ago. None the less the light box turned out great and so have the product images that I shot using it.

Thanks again for the wonderful tutorial Ashley!!


I love having the opportunity to work with wonderful people. I mean really wonderful… like, Kristy and Luis wonderful.

Kristy wanted me to create a piece of custom art that she was going to surprise her husband with for their first wedding anniversary. {I mean, how sweet!} Kristy wanted me to create two pieces of art, one with each of their vows to hang on either side of their bed. She also mentioned that they both love trees.

It just so happens that I love the concept of trees too, especially relating to marriage. A tree digs its roots down and grows from a place of deep security. A tree’s branches stretch out from a place of centeredness (its trunk… just incase I lost you). Trees also weather storms and change with the seasons… growing and becoming more beautiful as they shed their leaves and bloom once again.

I decided to paint a tree on one piece of paper and then tear the paper into two so that each of their vows would share parts of the same tree. In marriage, I think that being able to grow and bloom along with your spouse is a beautiful thing. I also chose to paint the leaves in various shades of green, and brown, to signify the ever-changing seasons that we find ourselves in.

Kristy, I LOVED working with you on these very special pieces of art. Thanks for the opportunity! You were a breath of fresh air.


Material: Watercolor, gouache and acrylic

Original size: 14 inches  x 22 inches

Paper: Arches watercolor, hot press – off white

Every once in a while…

I become obsessed with a color scheme. Thank you for this little treat A Day In May!!!


Valentine’s Day at Rifle Paper Company!


Join me, and Rifle Paper Company, on Thursday for a special Valentine event!!

No Excuse

No Excuse

Inspired from Romans 2:1
Featured on Pick Your Portion