Happy New Year!!!

{…35 days late.} Though it know I am on time when I say Happy Chinese New Year!!! …so I’ll stick with that.

I was at Lowe’s – naturally – (the ongoing house remodel) and came across this site for sore eyes:

pantone copy

The Pantone (I’m obsessed with Pantone!) color of the year – – Radiant Orchid!! {and the crowd cheers} Last year, the color was Emerald.


Currently, wedding colors that are trending are charcoal, salmon and coral. Radiant Orchid, on the other hand, has not made a trendy appearance in the wedding world for a long time. I like Radiant Orchid. This color is lively, bold and feminine. If you are a trendsetting bride, and wondering about what accent color to use (I know – so many beautiful colors to choose from), Radiant Orchid might just be your color… And if you’re a DIY bride, and like the Pantone color of the year, you now know where to get your paint. 


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