Planes, trains and automobiles…

Planes, trains and automobiles...

I had the ultimate pleasure of working with one of my favorite clients, Vicki, on her husbands retirement party. After a career working as a pilot with UPS, Vicki set out to make his party unforgettable.

For the party, I calligraphed a very beautiful poem and the cutest place cards*… paper airplanes. I loved it! What a creative idea!

Then it got me thinking… Why not use other paper shapes for place cards, escort cards and even gift tags!? I was at Hobby Lobby today hanging out in the clearance section {SO DANGEROUS!}, and found a pack of die cut paper doves for $.71. {I was stoked!} With the holiday’s approaching, I am planning on using these pretty little doves as gift tags and calligraphing the recipient’s name on them.

Thanks for the idea Vicki and for the sweet buy Hobby Lobby!


* white paper, gold ink, Texas lettering style


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