A beautiful mess

Out with the old

I just realized that it’s about time for a new paper towel. This one has served me well. For four different jobs I have been able to wipe my nib clean with it. Now, there is no more space. While I am in the middle of my jobs, not focusing on the condition of the paper towel, I don’t see it for anything more than it is. However, when I stopped to actually look at it, I found it to be beautiful. The colors on it reminded me of stained glass: hunter green, aqua, black and ultramarine blue.

Looking at this paper towel, I am reminded that sometimes the things in life that makes us the dirtiest are the very things that can make us lovely… if we let them be redeemed. Choosing to embrace our mess frees us to live out of our unique story that we might not have otherwise seen as beautiful.


4 Comments on “A beautiful mess”

  1. Amy says:

    Darn it, I had just finished putting on mascara when I read this! So true…

  2. Paula says:


  3. 😀 How pretty and colorful is that mess! 🙂

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