Daniel and I are working through an Advent app on my phone this Christmas season… and I love it. After we wake up, we french press our coffee and sit down together and read the daily reading which includes both the Bible and a thought provoking side-kick (not the technical name).

Advent: “a coming into view, or arrival; the advent of the holiday season. The coming of Christ into the world.” (

Advent is a pretty big deal if you are a Christian… and lets be honest… it’s a pretty big deal if you’re not.

One of the most meaningful readings was hinging around one of the names of God: Immanuel (which means ‘God with us’). I really love the name Immanuel and the reality that the God of the universe, the creator of the world, chose to intimately dwell with us.

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

John 1:14

God (Jesus) came to us – if that isn’t amazing enough, he came to dwell with us.

Some synonyms of the word dwell are live and inhabit. God came to live with us, he came to inhabit us. Insert drop jaw craziness! It sounds almost unbelievable I know, but it is the best news EVER!

Grandeur and intimacy, holiness and friendship, creator and counselor.

I am so humbled to think of God coming down to us, to make a way to know him: personally, intimately. Knowing God is not a magical equation that once you decide to believe in Jesus your life will be grand and nothing bad will ever happen to you. We don’t have to look too far to see the absurdity in that thought. However, He did come to us – for us – to be with us.

As Christians around the world celebrate this special time of Advent, Christ coming as an infant into this world, I am reminded that He is Immanuel – God with me… you… and us.

If you have never experienced the God who is with you and are interested in asking some questions (as stupid as you think that they might be – they’re not), send me an email and I would love to dialogue with you about it.

I can say that Immanuel, God with me, has radically changed my life for the better on a whole and day by day. I am so thankful for God’s gift in coming to us so that we might know him in a personal way.

I hope this Christmas is wonderful for you, and your family, in every way possible.


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