Brighten up holiday envelopes

I love getting Christmas cards!! I especially love photo Christmas cards. I proudly place every card we receive on our fridge, and seeing all of the smiley faces makes me happy!

Though there is a part of Christmas cards that usually doesn’t make anyone happy…. Addressing their envelopes. I’ve heard people complain about the time it takes them to address their envelopes as well as what their handwriting looks like. Well, you can either hire a calligrapher (best idea ever), print them (worst idea ever) or hand address your envelopes. Since most people hand address their envelopes, here are a few ways to brighten up a task that may seem more like a chore…

First of all, be realistic! Theres no need in trying to be Wonder Woman or Mr.Incredible by addressing all of the envelopes in one sitting. If you have 100 envelopes, address 20 a day. Make this process easy on yourself.

Once you have realistic expectations, grab your favorite holiday beverage (one of mine is a grande, soy, three pump, gingerbread, no whip, latte – yes, I’m that person), play some of your favorite Christmas music, grab a few markers and pens, along with your address list, and have some fun!

Use a sparkly pen to add some accents.


Draw a large first letter on the envelope.


Or, if you really want to play (and have more time) let your imagination run wild… the sky is the limit!


Each envelope can be different and provide you with a new artistic palate to play on.

Have fun addressing your Christmas envelopes! Chances are, if you have fun addressing them, people will have fun receiving and opening them!

TOOLS: Black Micron 05, Sakura Gelly Roll and Gelly Roll Metallic (assorted colors).


5 Comments on “Brighten up holiday envelopes”

  1. Paula Gast says:

    That left me smiling. Thanks!

  2. MoMo says:

    Sorry….I’m the busy Mommy of 2 that does the printed labels…..but at least the photo card inside is super cute!

  3. Amy says:

    Gosh you are amazing! Love that last one!

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