Etiquette 105

The error that I see most frequently pop up on a guest list is the incorrect spelling of a street direction (ex. Southwest). By simply making a minor change, such as putting a space between the word, you can tell the mail carrier the wrong information.

For example: Southwest vs SW vs South West

Mr. Edison Terpstra

123 Southwest 57th Boulevard

Apartment 34

Brooklyn, New York


Southwest: This is the proper way to address the street direction.

SW: Is the abbreviation of Southwest and is not recommended for formal invitations.

South West: West would be the name of the street and South would be the side of West that the address can be found.

((So then, – 123 South West 57th Boulevard – is not a correct street address. However, – 123 South West Boulevard – would be correct.))

So, whether you are addressing an envelope to the south side of West Street or to the Southwest side of Fourth Avenue, make sure you know where you are sending the mail carrier. Though mail carriers always seem to be in the best of shape, I am sure that they would appreciate you spelling Southwest, or South West, properly.


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