Two Volcanoes

Today Daniel and I hiked up Lava Butte and The Newberry Caldera.

I’m not going to tell you that I was 100% cool, calm and collective because about three different times today I wondered about the probability of the STILL ACTIVE volcano erupting on us… Which naturally made my palms sweaty. I felt like I was totally living life on the edge – even though we were just hiking up a bunch of lava rocks that had been there for thousands of years.

Lava rocks covered the ground in huge piles. Some rocks were small, others were like boulders. There were different types of pumice stones and obsidian (black glass that the Indians used to make arrow heads). Observing the lines in the different rocks from how the lava once moved down the mountain drove home the reality of what we were standing on. The brittle and porous to the dense and shiny, the rocks made the terrain look like a barren waste land. I felt like I was on Mars, but with the possibility of it blowing up.

It was amazing to see the power that a volcano has in leaving a terrain completely changed. If only I would have experienced these volcanoes in middle school when I was trying to learn about earth science but really could have cared less. Science is always so much cooler when you can actually experience it in life – the best classroom of all.




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