“Will Flourish for Chocolate” … You’d sign up for that class too! Kathy Milici made working on our lettering flourishes so much fun!

A lot of people think that flourishes just happen. I am here to tell you that though beauty does happen, more often than not, it is intentional. Creating beautiful flourishes takes time, practice, persistence and patience.

For a part of the class we worked on flourishing our names. First, we created a very basic pencil sketch of our names. Then, we drew a football shape around our names to give us an area to keep our flourishes within.

Then we put tracing paper over top and worked and reworked our flourishes until we figured out something that worked for our names.

With a fresh piece of paper on top, we started drawing with ink.

So you see, when you ask a calligrapher to just calligraph one word, it isn’t always as easy or fast as you might think. Each word should be treated like a work of art… Because it is.

If what I learned wasn’t good enough, Kathy gave us chocolate bars at the end of class! She is so sweet, funny and quite the encourager! I really enjoyed my time with her!

Right after class ended Nan DeLuca shared some formatting secrets with us… Okay, so maybe they weren’t secrets, but we really appreciated her passing along some wisdom.


We had a little free time before our evening banquet so we ate lunch at Water Buffalo (recommended restaurant), grabbed coffee and dessert at the Public Market (fantastic – reminded me of a mini Seattle), walked to the art museum and Lake Michigan. It was perfect outside! It was also so wonderful to be with friends of like heart and have time to catch up on life, art, business and what God is doing and has done in our lives. Needless to say, I had a refreshing afternoon!

Jennifer, me and Jake

Auntie Kaye and Janet.

Tomorrow in the airport I’ll have a little IAMPETH closing ceremony… I like the thought of that… After all, I did just participate in the calligraphy Olympics. Good night!


One Comment on “IAMPETH: Day 6”

  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!

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