When I first bopped onto the calligraphy scene, circa 1999, I knew almost nothing about it. Though one thing I did know was that I thought Spencerian was the most beautiful form of calligraphy and that Michael Sull was a master.

Now, a few years later, I still admire Spencerian and now know that Michael Sull is in fact a master, a “Master Penman” that is. Sull has been credited as reviving the Spencerian hand… And let’s be honest, rocks it!

Spencerian is a type of pointed pen calligraphy. It is light, ornate and it is the fist style of calligraphy that really moved me. And trust me when I say that it is WAY harder than it looks!!!

Michael Sull and Harvest Crittenden led the Spencerian class today.

A few pages of my notes. I ended up with 11 pages of notes by time the lecture was finished.


Are these the letters ‘y’ or ‘h’?
Did you know that the letters, when calligraphed properly, are identical? A good way to check your form is to calligraph some y’s and then flip your paper around and see if they look like h’s.

Master Penman, Michael Sull

Some friends and fellow artists.


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