Paper Choices

Like almost everything in life, paper is not created equal.

The reality that some paper is just better suited for calligraphy is confirmed with every envelope job that I work on. With equal tools and ink, two different envelopes can look very different! The calligraphy can look balanced, light and beautiful or heavy and less attractive all depending on your paper.

If you are thinking about getting your wedding envelopes calligraphed, think about the paper you are ordering and the surface that it is going to provide your calligrapher. If the surface is porous or highly textured, the chances of finding a calligrapher that will be able to work successfully on your envelopes is quite small. If you have any questions, your stationer will more than likely be able to guide you in the right direction.

Some good news is that just because a paper is expensive or cheap doesn’t necessarily dictate its quality. Paper that is known to be the best of the best is William Arthur (my personal favorite) and Crane’s. William Arthur is made out of wood fibers and in my opinion, can’t be beat. It is beautiful and easy to calligraph on. Crane and Company’s paper is made out of cotton and is used to print the US currency.

If either of these paper brands are not in your price range, check out Paper Presentation. Paper Presentations envelopes are very affordable, yet their surface when calligraphed on is lovely!

Below is a job I just finished on William Arthur paper.


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