Santa Letter GIVE AWAY!!!

Free Santa Letter and yummy recipes!!

What does everyone need this holiday season, besides a Santa Letter?! Good food!!!

Not only will you want to eat good food, but you’re gonna want to make some show stopper dishes and meals. Trust me, I know, I do! Now here’s the good news… you can have it all! Well, you can enter to win a Santa Letter and get all the delicious recipes you like thanks to Tina, food blogging genius and cook behind!

Now making the food show stoppers, on the other hand… that’s up to you! 🙂


“Tina Wiley is the creator and cook behind the food blog She is a South Florida native who has a passion for bringing friends and family together with the simple joy of sharing a meal together!”

I met Tina back in the day, like way back in the day when we were little girls. One of Tina’s best friends growing up is my cousin, Jessica.

As we vacationed as family to Florida, I would often see Tina hanging out with Jess. Fast forward to a lot of years later… Tina and Jess were brainstorming one day on who they could set Daniel, their friend, up with.

Yep, you guessed it, that is how Daniel and I met. Blind date style, with recommendations and references. 🙂

Both Daniel and I are thankful for their crafty thinking. And even though you might not be thankful to Tina for the exact same reason that I am (or


maybe you will be…), I am sure that you will be thanking her once you check out her amazing food blog.

Not only is Tina’s blog a-dor-able, but she also knows what she is talking about. You are sure to find recipes that you will love!

So, enter to win a Santa Letter below and head over to her blog so you can start crafting your holiday food masterpieces!! You’ll be sooo glad you did!!!

Official entry rules.
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