Month Five: July 27 – or August 16…

I feel like nothing better illustrates planning a wedding than does the comparison to running a marathon.

When I ran the Miami ING, I started strong, I found my pace and enjoyed my playlist. Soon I realized that my body was starting to hurt and all I wanted to do was stop and stretch. Though I knew that if I stopped to stretch I would throw off my pace. I was too determined to let a little knee pain ruin my time. Soon enough, my knees were screaming out to me all kinds of things I never thought my knees even knew… It was then that I entered into the mental part of my race. I decided that I wasn’t going to stop  – unless my body involuntarily threw itself down as a quitter. I was going to push through my pain and finish the race because that’s what I came to do… And so it is with wedding planning.

I am on the mental stretch of the planning process. I have decided that I am here to finish this race and push through the exhaustion – and every other emotion that I have been surprised to see it rear its head. Now I understand why bridezillas exist. I am not saying that sort of irrational behavior is okay, because it’s not. However, I’ll be honest…. Wedding planing is a battle field.

Though I might have to ice my knees at the end of this marathon planning process, I know that this planning time will be well worth it. In a little over a month I will be married to the best man I know, and that is well worth the occasional shin splints along the way.

Top Seven Lessons Learned this Month:

7. There are days that come along where I have found that I actually have a moment to relax from wedding planning. I have learned when these little gems come along, not to freak out that I am missing something, but to enjoy them. After all, if I don’t seize the down time, it will be on its merry little way.

6. Every time someone tells me “no one will know what goes wrong on your wedding day but you,” deep down I breathe a sigh of relief. That’s right… no one will know.

5. A group of friends were asking me the other day about how wedding planning is coming. Nicole, mentioned to me to ‘just focus on Daniel (my fiance) because he is the most important thing.’ (Wise words Nicole, thank you!) It is so easy to focus on every little detail and decision that needs to be made that you forget about the single most important person in this whole process, your fiance.

4. Take everything in stride. Life happens, focus on the things that you can control and let the things that are outside of your control just be.

3. Do your best and leave it at that.

2. Sit down, or go out, and do something for yourself that is not wedding related.

1. Know your limitations. Don’t push yourself so hard that you end up falling over before you reach the finish line.

Flowers – Found.

Table favors – Decided.

Flower girl dress – Chosen.

Invitations – An awesome calligrapher totally hooked me up! 🙂 – Check.

Hotel room welcome gift – Set.

Now on to month six.


One Comment on “Month Five: July 27 – or August 16…”

  1. Paula Gast says:

    Yea!!! On the last few laps. Love you, precious. You and Daniel will make a great team and the wedding will be lovely.

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