Etiquette 101

What is the difference between mailing my invitations in a single envelope and a double set of envelopes?

“Wedding invitations were once delivered by hand. If you were a bride back in those days, your footman delivered your invitations to your guests’ homes. Their servants received the invitations and removed them from their outer envelope, an envelope much too pedestrian for your guests to handle themselves. The servants, then, presented the invitation to your guests in its pristine inside envelope. Because the invitations were already at their destination, the inside envelopes had only the names of your guests written on them. The address was no longer needed. They just had to be directed to the appropriate members of the household.”

The Wedding Blue Book, Crane and Co.

Today still, brides love sending out their wedding invitations using a double set of envelopes. I am personally a huge fan of a double set of envelopes. I love addressing the outer envelope to the heads of the home and then personally inviting each guest of the home on the inner envelope. I love the old world feel mixed with a modern-day sophistication that only receiving a double set of envelopes can bring.

Though, not every bride chooses to use a double set of envelopes today. There are many reasons why brides choose to use single envelopes. Sometimes the stationary that a bride has chosen does not offer an inner envelope. Other reasons some brides do not use an inner envelope comes down to taste, priority and cost.

At the end of the day, each bride must find out what works best for them, their wedding and their budget.

If having a double set of envelopes is important to you, make sure to ask your stationer about the options that are available before ordering your stationary.


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