Month Three: May 27

Here we are, welcome to month three of wedding planning!

This month I have stumbled upon a new wedding planning revelation: it’s an adventure.

Lets first go back to a favorite childhood memory of mine: Indiana Jones. (My dad will be so proud.) Indiana was on a search for the lost Ark of the Covenant. Throughout these movies, we journey with him as he searches for something he has never actually seen. Though Indiana knows what he is looking for, his adventures keep taking new twists and turns that only enhance his journey.

This month I purchased a rather large non-returnable (I know…) item for the tables at the reception. I took a little leap of faith in that purchase. I had to envision the practicality of how it was going to fit into everything else that I have conceptualized for the reception. I thought it was a perfect fit for what I was thinking, at least for the first first few hours after I purchased it. Then, I soon came to realize that I was going to have to tweak a few major plans for the reception because of my non-returnable purchase.

After spending some time thinking about it and talking with my sister, the new plan has been discovered! I am confident that this new little twist will make our reception more beautiful… and only enhance our wedding day. Even though I haven’t yet tangibly seen what the reception will look like with all of the linens, candles, flowers, table cards, favors, etc, I know that the journey in this planning process will lead me to exactly where I need to be for a great reception.

Though the inevitable little twists will come along in the journey of wedding planning, they might just be what you need to make your wedding day that much more special. Now our tables will look a little different than I initially thought they would, but now they will also look better! And who doesn’t like a little bit better!?

Top Seven Lessons Learned this Month:

7. Not everything has to be figured out today. Just breathe and pace yourself.

6. Ask for the best deal. I found out that If I pick up and drop off my linens they will take 15% off. Hey, who doesn’t like that!? You never know what kind of money you will really save unless you ask.

5. Do your homework before you drop some crazy cash. I know before I said to check Michaels, but don’t forget about is the Dollar Tree (hellooo $1 deals)! Also if you search Craigslist there are quite a few people out there who want to sell what they used for their wedding to you for less – though know what things cost. I have found that just because people are reselling it on Craigslist doesn’t mean that you are getting a good deal. Get creative and think about options outside the box.

4. Keep moving. Don’t give up. All of the small details that you are working on will add up and make a difference!

3. Keep everything in perspective. I have recently been asking myself: “Will this really matter on my wedding day?” Usually the answer is no. Though I haven’t discovered how to make the decision of the hour matter less, it does make me feel a bit better knowing that whatever I decide won’t ruin our wedding.

2. Invite people in for support.

1. Share with people about the plans and decisions that excite you. In the process of sharing your joys, they will become bigger and the stressors will diminish.

Church – check.

Bridesmaid dresses, found.

Table decor, purchased.

Pastor, booked.

Premarital – started.

Now on to month four.


2 Comments on “Month Three: May 27”

  1. Chip Gast says:

    I am very proud of you! A teachable spirit is an amazing quality. You are learning well.

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