Tim’s Tattoo

I met Tim in 2004 when I was living in Texas. Fast forward about six years later when he contacted me to work on a tattoo idea that he had. Tim is such a great guy so I was thrilled, and honored, to join with him in creating such a significant piece of art work for him.

Traveling around Spain, Tim came up with a phrase that ended up being very important in his life. He wanted to have the art work created in a custom lettering style that met exactly what he had envisioned for the phrase “Nunca aferrarse a la amargura” (“Never hold on to bitterness”). He told me that he wanted it to look “scratchy and edgy.” Since most of my clients are brides, and that is NOT what they ask for, I knew that I would have fun working with him to create such a personalized piece. We worked together until the artwork was designed exactly how he wanted it.

Not too long ago Tim sent me some pictures of his new tattoo. I loved seeing the artwork take further life now tattooed on him.

I love working on tattoos! With each tattoo, I get to know the person so much better and as a result we get to have fun creating something special, unique and thoroughly significant to who they are.

Tim, thanks so much for inviting me into this special process! I enjoyed working with you!


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