Month One: March 27

There are countless shows on t.v. that depict brides losing their mind. I have talked to brides and heard their horror stories. Yet, I told myself that ‘when I plan my wedding I will just decide to be sane. What’s the big deal anyway?’

Well, let me me tell you – wedding planning is insane…that’s the big deal!

Within the first week of getting engaged I was already wanting to elope. Though, I decided to keep pushing through and not give up. After all, maybe week two of planning would get better. With each passing week, sanity started entering back into my realm of understanding and the overwhelming amount of details and decisions that had to be made were making a bit more sense.

I think that I started to see the light at the end of the wedding planning tunnel by learning some valuable lessons. Below are my Top Seven things that I have learned. (However I was tempted to share my Top Three Hundred and Seventy-four lessons learned. I will refrain.)

Top Seven:

7. I feel like the big bad wedding wolf cutting my guest list. It has proven to be quite excruciating, but it must be done. I’m sorry.

6. Budget… Ugh! …You limit so many things! Though finalizing my budget felt fabulous!

5. If I ask for advice or opinions, I better want to hear them because people are going to give it. I’ve learned that I need to be careful who I ask for help.

4. Setting my priorities for where I wanted to spend money felt like I pushed the fat elephant off my back. Ahhh…deep sigh of relief!

3. There are always better options out there. I decided to pursue three vendors in every category that I want filled and choose out of the three. -Keep life simple.-

2. Attitude. Attitude. Attitude. I have a choice to enjoy this process or turn into a crazy wedding lady. I choose to enjoy this… and remind myself that as often as I need to.

1. This wedding is for Daniel and me to make a huge commitment to one another in front of our closest friends and family. That is what it’s about… not the centerpieces at the reception.

Our date is set.

Our reception site is booked.

Now on to month two.


One Comment on “Month One: March 27”

  1. Lisa Stoner says:

    What lovely perspective!

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