Many of you have asked the question… “Sooo, how did he propose?!” I never knew it was possible to repeat myself so many times and enjoy the story every time I shared it with someone. I wanted to share our story (told from my perspective) with you.

Since the fall of 2010 I knew that Daniel (my fiance!) was starting to build the ring. Over Christmas, he asked my dad to marry me. So, since January I have been over analyzing every little thing that he did wondering if it would lead to a four word question: “Will you marry me?”

For two months I wondered every time we were together if he was going to propose. For two months I had my nails constantly manicured. For two months I almost drove myself insane with curiosity. On Thursday, Febraury 24th, I asked my sister what I should do with my ‘I want him to propose to me but he’s not’ insanity. Her wisdom that day was in line with all of her other fabulous advice she shares with me. Charissa told me that I can “either choose to enjoy this season or waste it by being axious about when Daniel is going to propose. Enjoy this time, Samira, you won’t get it back.” With those wise words nestled in my pocket, I approached the weekend. I promised myself I would not over analyze anything that Daniel did, and I dubbed this weekend ‘the last weekend I was going to do my nails’.

The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable as usual. It was filled with plans about our new house, good chats over coffee and always full of laughter. Sunday came too quickly, as it tends to do when I am with Daniel, and this Sunday was no exception. Daniel and I live about two hours apart, so we can’t stay together too late on Sunday because of the drive one of us has to take to go home.

Daniel decided to stay in town a little longer because we had some decisions to make about kitchen cabinets. After we were finished shopping, I suggested we go for frozen yogurt before he left (I always try and squeeze in more time with him). He said that he was hungry and would rather get something to eat. Well, eating takes more time than frozen yogurt so count me in!

We headed downtown and ate dinner at Dexters, where we ate on our first date. Now being the over analyzer that I am, of course I wondered if there was a particular reason why we were eating at Dexters. After we were finished eating we walked around Lake Eola (one of my favorite spots in the city). We also walked around the lake on our first date and naturally, I started to wonder if this was the night… all while trying not to read into anything.

We were walking quite quickly, which I thought to be very unromantic. Daniel turned to me, probably because he was just about pulling me along, and said that we needed to hurry if we are going to get frozen yogurt before he leaves town. Welp, that comment pretty much nailed down that he wasn’t going to ask me to marry him tonight. So, I picked up the pace and hand in hand we briskly walked around the lake.

As we turned one of the last bends, he asked me if I wanted to go out onto this little “romantic spot.” I thought that strange because just moments earlier we were on a frozen yogurt mission, though without hesitation I agreed. Then, he bent over and picked up a flower on the ground. With each step, he bent over to pick up a different flower and soon he asked me to help him pick them up. Confused as to why he was even picking up flowers off of the ground in the first place I said, “No Daniel, these are not our flowers. I’m not picking them up and I don’t think that you should be picking them up either.” He responded by saying, “Well, I’ll make sure to give them to who they belong to.”

Soon enough, I looked up to see a trail of flowers that lead out to a point that overlooked the water, surrounded by candles.

“OH MY GOSH ITS GOING TO HAPPEN TONGHT!!” Flashed through my head. I couldn’t believe it! It was coming! “I think that he is going to propose; but don’t over analyize it – just in case…”

We got out there, exchanged a smile, he handed me the flowers and got down on one knee. He said lovely and very meaningful words, only half of which do I remember, and asked me to marry him. Then he said, ‘okay, we need to head off to the next spot.’ I really thought that he meant frozen yogurt…. But instead, and better than frozen yogurt, he surprised me with a helicopter flight over Epcot to watch the fireworks! The view of the fireworks from the air was quite a sight! Even more, was the fact that the man’s hand I was holding was soon going to be my husband!

God has truly blessed me with a treasure in Daniel. He is intelligent, insightful, adventurous, funny, a wonderful communicator and man after God’s own heart. I am often reminded of the gift I am receiving in him. I am thrilled to start this new adventure together!

Though before we can start married life, I must first tackle planning a wedding!

In honor of Daniel and I getting engaged on February 27, on the 27th of every month I will write up some thoughts on how the wedding planning process is going for me: the good, the bad and the – hopefully not too – ugly. Changing seats from a vendor who works with brides to a bride looking for and working with vendors will be quite the adjustment… I hope you join me in this new and very exciting time in my life – every month on the 27th!

Oh, and lets just say that I was really glad that I did my nails… one last time.


7 Comments on “I’m ENGAGED!!!”

  1. this is beautiful, Samira! thank you so much for sharing your story. I love how your sister encouraged you to enjoy each season – that is so true! May you continue to be blessed in this new and wonderful season God has given you!

  2. Tina says:

    YAY!!! So SO happy for you two! Loved hearing the story through your perspective. Oh, and dinner at Dexter’s and a walk around Lake Eola was our very first date too!! Good men… 🙂

    PS: loving the blog! I didn’t know you officially started one!!

  3. amypaul says:

    Yay!!! So exciting. But…I’m curious…is the “new house” in Orlando or WPB? (I’m assuming WPB, but wasn’t sure because of the cabinet search.) 🙂

  4. Paula Gast says:

    So glad for the link from FB. Enjoyed reading this, Samira. Very special… as you both are.
    Lots of love,

  5. Tami says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy every moment of this! God Bless you and your fiance 🙂
    Love From Indiana!

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