A few of my favorite things… Crane & Company, Tampa

Happy New Year!

I can barely believe that 2011 has already begun and the hustle and bustle of calligraphy season is in full swing for summer weddings! The holidays seem to come and go so quickly, though I must say that I would not have enjoyed it as much if it were not for the fabulous women at the Crane & Company store in Tampa. I had the privilege of spending some time with these ladies as I worked on my Santa Letters one day in December.

When you visit Crane & Company, you will find wonderful stationary for every occasion, lovely cards and gifts galore! If you are in the Tampa area, please stop by the International Plaza and tell these super fabulous women I say ‘hello.’

Thank you, to each of you, who sent a Santa Letter to family members and friends this holiday season. Also, thank you to those of you who passed along my name and the news about the Santa Letters to people that you know! I had an overwhelmingly positive response! One lady actually teared up when I gave her the Santa Letter and told me that I “made her Christmas.” I was pleasantly surprised when she told me this and felt as if my time at the Cranes store was a success!

Santa will be writing letters again this year, so keep your eyes open and make sure not to miss the deadline! If you are interested in finding out when the Santa Letters will be available, please email me (info@samiragast.com) and I notify me that you would like to be put on my mailing list.

Thanks again for a great holiday season!


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