My creative mind

We pulled into a parking space and my husband turned off the car. Right before I could grab the handle to open my door, he asked me a question.

“What’s it like to think like a creative person?”

I froze. I sensed his sincerity and genuine concern to try to understand his wife better. Though to my surprise, I was left speechless.

I repeated the question out loud as I gazed across the parking lot and watched the sea of people entering and exiting the gym. “There’s no way can I speak for every creative person out there.” I said. “But for me…

I see details all the time… I see potential… I see beauty, I see ugliness. In plants, in people, in objects, in lines. Everywhere I look, everything that I take in, I not only see it – I experience it. There’s nothing that I take into my mind that doesn’t affect me in some way. I process colors like flavors. The juiciness of a bright orange car. The sweet creaminess of blues mixing with pinks in the warm evening sky.

All the time, I’m processing… creating… and… well, destroying.

I’m my worst enemy.

Most people are, I guess. But I think it’s different for creative people. We have a way with ourselves that can suck the very life out of us and leave us hopeless…. All over something that you might consider insignificant – irrelevant – stupid. There’s something about the struggle that makes us come to life. We need this struggle to create, but it’s also the very thing that can destroy us.”

The conversation continued in the comfort of our car discussing the uncomfortable.

My husband is very gracious, steady and logical. {All things I pretend to try to be.} Since we have gotten married he has been on a journey to understand my creative mind and he is doing a phenomenal job. How do I know? Well, because as he has asked thoughtful questions and observed me. Through his understanding, I have learned about myself and become a better person in the process.

I’ve thought about the purpose of this blog for a while now. For as long as I have blogged, I have shared about art and calligraphy and a few personal entires here and there. Though to be honest, after a long day in the studio, the last thing I want to do is sit down talk about work.

A big part of my creativity has had to take a back burner so that business can happen. However it’s time for a little change… mainly because I need to write about something other than letters and gouache… I need to write about life – the good, the bad, the ugly. Instead of writing exclusively about calligraphy, I’m going to share about what’s in my heart.

There are no more guarantees as to what you might read or see on here.

So, if you’ve ever asked the question, “What’s it like to think like a creative person?” You’ll find out here. At least for today, anyway, that’s what I’ve decided to do.

* * *

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Every once in a while…

I become obsessed with a color scheme. Thank you for this little treat A Day In May!!!


A little note to a few Christians.

I’m taking a course right now from Jeff Goins (Tribe Writers) and I am SO loving it!! If you’re interested in writing, you must check it out! As a part of an assignment we were to go on a rant and then share it on a forum. Very tricky since I didn’t know about sharing it before I wrote the rant. None the less, I thought I’d share it with you. This post isn’t for everyone (as you can see from the title). So if it doesn’t apply to you, that’s cool, and if you have any questions about this (not so little) rant, let me know.

You know what I can’t stand? Christians that have their panties in a wad. I’m talking about a serious bunch, not a little bundle. A wad that makes not only them uncomfortable, but everyone else around them. 

I grew up as a pastor’s kid, saturated in the church. I love how God uses the church to accomplish some amazing tasks. I think it’s beautiful when we band together and fight for what is right, defend scripture, and love people like we are commanded. I also think that God healing and restoring a bunch of broken people is an attribute that comes from the purest of love. 

However, I am always saddened to see how destructive the church can be at the same time. We can tear down one another like professionals. We can poison the very mission that God has given us and harm the very people we are called to help. I think that sometimes, the church gets their panties in such an unfortunate bunch that the world sees us as people with a sour face, perpetual bad attitudes and joy killers. 

On that note, lets consider the whole Noah movie debate. You know, Noah, the one with the long white beard and all of the animals? 

Some Christians have lost sight of the big picture and gotten hung up on small details. Yes, a few things are not exact, all of his son’s wives were on the ark, for example. But have we forgotten that a Biblical story has gone out? A story that pulses attributes of God the Creator. A movie that God can use to draw people to Himself.

I learned that Noah had a long white beard when I was very little, thanks to the felt boards in Sunday school. Though what if Noah went bald in his early 20’s and couldn’t grow facial hair? That’d kill that interpretation. His long white beard is not biblical.

Even though the movie was getting a lot of negative feedback from the Christian community, my husband and I did some research and decided to see it anyway. Without spoiling anything, at one point in the movie (I’ll just say ‘rocks’), I cocked my head and started to roll my eyes. ‘Like that happened!’ I thought to myself. But I quickly caught myself. Who’s to say it didn’t happen!? Just because it’s not in scripture doesn’t mean it couldn’t have happened like that. 

We are so quick to judge. I read in an interview that the producer tried to stick to scripture as best as he could and then filled in the rest of the gaps. The producer, mind you, who never professes to personally know Jesus. 

An interpretation is the action of explaining the meaning of something (thank you Google). So, we take what we are given, not deviating from the Biblical truth of scripture, and we all fill in the gaps. I interpret scripture. Your paster interprets scripture. The producer of Noah also did some interpreting of his own… though loose as it may be…

The ironic part to me is that so many of the people who are throwing stones at the movie, will gladly buy a ticket for a movie that has stronger language, violence and adult content than Noah has – and that’s okay with them because … well… because it’s… it’s entertainment?

I’ll be honest, at times I can can be quick to judge too. I’m not without fault. Trust me, I’m not pretending to be anything more than I am – a person in need of the redemptive love of Jesus. 

We’re all in need of Jesus… that’s the very issue! Our pastors, our neighbors, and the producer, the actors in the movie, and every single person that goes to see Noah… We all need Him. 

So, instead of accusing the producer of not acting like a Christian (or whatever), lets approach this issue like Jesus would. Lets invite our friends to see Noah. (You know, your friends that don’t yet know Jesus…) Treat them to dinner, or coffee, and chat with them about the movie after you see it. Ask them what they thought. More than likely, they’ll ask what you think too. And if you hated the movie and thought it was sacrilegious, tell them. But then tell them why. Embrace the conversation, don’t run from it. Love them, like we’re to love each other. So maybe, just maybe, they can actually see – and even meet – the Creator in your conversation, through your response and through your kindness.

I was reminded of why God sent Jesus to earth watching Noah. God wants the world to know about Himself and He wants to redeem us in the midst of our pain, our depression, our struggles. He wants to make us whole. You’re redeemable. I’m redeemable… and that’s a bit more impressive than flooding the earth in my opinion. 

Lets invite God to flood us, washing away anything that is not true and pure. Lets embrace the promise that He is with us and He will never leave us. And may we not fail to see that the God of the universe has chosen to expose a part of Himself through scripture. Let’s be quick to invite people into the conversation, into the struggle and into the questions that living life brings. Because like Noah, the last thing we should want is disobedience.

Yes, stand up for truth. Stand up for your convictions, fight for them. Be resolute. But remember who the true enemy is and remember what we are here to do.

A favorite part of my job…

..mixing color {gouache}. These three colors left me speechless. ((love them – and combined… so beautiful: periwinkle, aqua and white)) Colors never cease to take my breath away. God makes amazing things.






I sent this to Crocs {yes, the company} in hopes that they might “find” my right shoe.

Buying a new pair of shoes… well, that would be too easy. Besides, this is way more fun!

I’ll keep you posted!

Love was in the air!

On Thursday morning, on the eve of the beloved {or despised} Valentines Day, I headed over to Rifle Paper Co. for their special event. I knew it was going to be a great day because as I pulled through the Starbucks drive through I found this little treat: a free birthday drink. I mean really, talk about a good start to your day! {I had totally forgotten that I had a free drink waiting for me obviously, considering February isn’t my birthday month.}

I arrived at Rifle and was greeted by some of the coolest people I have met in a while. Everyone that I met, working at Rifle and who came through the doors, were friendly and wonderfully creative. {I couldn’t have asked for more.} This was by far my favorite part of the event… the people. {So any extrovert would say.}

One part of the event that I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did was calligraphing everyone’s love notes… er, I should say, reading everyone’s love note. I know I kinda sound like a creeper when I say that, but reading all of the lovely, positive words of affirmation and respect was so heart warming. One guy didn’t even want to give me what he wrote because he was embarrassed that it was “too mushy.” I tried to set him at ease by telling him that “I’ve been reading and calligraphing people’s love notes all day.” Thankfully, he agreed to let me read and calligraph his note and I am so glad that he did because his message was one of my favorites. I’d tell you what he wrote, but I figure that’s his personal business. (I know, cliff hanger.)

And listen to this! Emily and Charlotte drove two hours so that they could meet me! {I know, I was shocked too!} ((I double checked that they had the right Samira.)) These two ladies were super sweet and so appreciated the art of calligraphy that it really blessed and encouraged me. Thanks for coming out ladies – it was so lovely to meet you both!!

Of course I would be selling myself short if I did not thank my faithful assistant Megan. Too bad we actually don’t work together. Thanks for hanging around after I calligraphed your pieces. Your photo skills (above) and helping with the flow of traffic was much appreciated!

As I was calligraphing on a print, people were gathered around watching me work in silence. Taylor broke the silence with a great comment, that I asked him to write down so that I can share it with you…

“Human talent and skill will always win in a competition with technology. When was the last time you saw people standing around watching a printer print?” – Taylor (Happy 4th Anniversary Taylor & Tina!!)

Last but certainly not least – my new besties: Lidia, Alaina and Mary… I had SO MUCH fun hanging out with you guys, calligraphing and chatting, until 10 pm. You guys are super cool and I hope we can do this again sometime soon!

Before this turns into the worlds longest post, I’m going to sign off with a photo that was taken by Dylon York. I don’t often get photos of me working {obviously it’s a little challenging when you are using both hands to work} so this was a treat! I asked him if I could use it for my Twitter page and he graciously agreed. Make sure you check out Dylon’s instagram ((you just must)) and the sweetest – most fun – video he made for his Valentine on February 14th! ((His love note that I calligraphed made a cameo – you’re gonna want to read what he wrote!))


I’m not much of a Valentine holiday girl. However, I will say that I think Cupid struck… I really loved my time with everyone that entered the doors at Rifle! Thank you Alaina and Anna, and everyone else involved, for inviting me up. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine holiday and took the opportunity to tell someone how much you love and appreciate them. {And if you didn’t… it’s not too late!}

Valentine’s Day at Rifle Paper Company!


Join me, and Rifle Paper Company, on Thursday for a special Valentine event!!


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